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Disclaimer : Summer afternoons have lead me here. So blame them if you hated here. 

You know afternoons have so much to offer you, apart from those extended power naps. And amidst all that ‘much’, I often extend extend my hand towards sidetable, grab that heavy object and enter to the world of visually soothing pictures, crafty videos, beutifying videos and check-ins and updates that really make me feel J. Well I even came across some articles that showed me how to do a photoshoot and I felt like cheated for all the contents I have been watching on web. 

For example – I enjoy food pictures and some are so so good that they actually make me hungry at anytime. But do they really enjoy their food warm, because I do not think it would be ‘hot’ enough after so much of trouble given to it. 

Being real is not being ugly. You can be simple and still be beaitiful. What say? 

Drop your views in comments 🙂 


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